"We'd wish all iPhone apps were like this one: the app excels in ease of use, simplicity, clarity and has a very attractive presentation. The program is a great solution for people who often fly through Schiphol."

(Schiphol App tested as the best travel app, (Dutch) source: iCreate Magazine)

"This is the app I've been looking out for" and "Absolute must for frequent travelers and airport visitors," is what travelers at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport are saying.

(Schiphol App tested as best travel app once again, (Dutch) source: REIZ&Magazine

The latest flight information in the palm of your hands

With the Schiphol App you can easily look up flight information and you are immediately informed through a push notification in the event your flight has any change in flight information. Even before the pilot knows. We also provide you with a convenient Apple Watch app.

The Schiphol App in a nutshell:
  • Search for flights by flight number or origin / destination
  • Insight into status, departure / arrival times of flights and other useful information
  • Suggestions for airports, flight numbers or IATA codes are displayed while you type
  • Stay updated through push notifications when time-, gate- or status changes occur
  • New in this edition is the display of the runway your flight has either departed on arrived on
  • Also new is that you receive a push notification with the expected time your luggage will arrive on the belt
  • Access the most important flight information from your Apple Watch
Check the reviews (in Dutch) at:
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Are you picking up a friend at Schiphol Airport? Thanks to the Schiphol App you will arrive exactly on time. You are the first to know when a flight is delayed or just early.

Are you arriving yourself at Schiphol Airport? As soon as you depart from the plane you will receive the luggage belt your luggage will arrive on. You immediately know at what time your luggage will arrive on the belt.

Seek no further, our Schiphol App is the most complete travel companion you can have when traveling to Schiphol Amsterdam Airport.

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